6 secrets to staying young

I do not have any nightly skincare ritual and in fact, I’m pretty sure my skin has suffered significant sun damage because I love tanning at the beach.

So what are my secrets for staying young – other than that I was lucky to inherit my father Hajji Alejandro’s genes and youthful looks? Here are my tips for looking fresh:

1. Be like Peter Pan. Ageing is mostly in the mind. The trick to not getting old is to be like a kid. I don’t mean be immature and not face up to problems or responsibilities – but whenever possible, always choose what will be most fun. When you’re enjoying what you do, you don’t feel your age and lose track of time.

STAYING YOUNG. Rachel 10 years ago, remarkably not much different from the way she looks now. Photo by  Rachel Alejandro

STAYING YOUNG. Rachel 10 years ago, remarkably not much different from the way she looks now. Photo by Rachel Alejandro

2. Be good to your body, be kind to yourself. People often take for granted that getting enough rest is important to health. When I was younger, I would work or party all night, sleep a few hours, get up and hit the gym. Like a good soldier, I’d power through my work-outs even if I had a hangover. That takes its toll on the body eventually, so I don’t do it anymore.

Also, I prefer to invest in comfort – in the way I travel and in the places I choose to rest my head. I know lots of people who wouldn’t think twice about buying a designer bag but would scrimp on a comfortable seat on the plane. I never got that but then again, to each his own.

3. Go to the salon often. The confidence boost you get from getting a good haircut or color is priceless. Get a massage, manicure and pedicure regularly. When you pamper yourself and are properly groomed, you feel more put together and ready to face the tasks at hand. And voila, you look well-rested and not harassed!

4. Avoid monotony. There is a very good reason why showbiz folk like myself tend to look younger than other people our age, but it’s not that we have it easier or that we have the budget to get regular facials or plastic surgery. When you’re a singer or an actor, every day you are doing something different. But even if you go to the same office everyday, you can change up your routine. Engage in interesting conversations, learn new skills, check out different places to eat, etc. Whatever you do, don’t let yourself get stuck in a rut.

5. Do exercises regularly. It’s the only way to maintain a nice, supple and toned body that is resistant to the pull of gravity.

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