Anti-Aging Regimens For Every Woman In Her 40’s And 50’s

anti aging tips

Forever you’ll hear people say that while you age, your skin tends to age along with you. In your 20’s and 30’s, that might not be obvious as you tend to look amazing most times. This may make you doubt the theory. However, reality hits you whenever you reach your forties. Everything appears to go downhill as far as your looks are worried. You wonder if your skin had not realized earlier that you simply were aging. It is the point in life you might find most women ages ‘screaming’ all the way. At this same time, menopause {may also|might also} decide to give you a visit. It doesn’t get better than this now does it? For the way you live your life, this time in life can either make or break you.

The good thing is you don’t have to let each one of these things take a toll on you. It is possible to beat aging even in this point in life and later on. They are anti-aging tips that may help you look fabulous throughout the journey.

Life in The 40’s

This is when you start losing the skin tone and fine lines start to appear. The skin is drier and sun damage experienced earlier in everyday life is more pronounced now. A few of the tips that you can do at this age bracket include:

1. Healthy eating- This is the time that health eating should be at its epitome. If you needed to drop habits such as smoking, alcohol and junk eating, now is the time. Your body is now more prone to various conditions which habits only make the situation worse. They’re known to accelerate aging. Be sure to drink sufficient amounts of water as it’s known to brighten dull skin.

2. Your skin is now changing at a high rate. It is recommended that you consult a dermatologist who’ll advice you n the best skin care regimes that you should adopt regarding your skin type. Also, they will help you in diagnosing conditions that may be affecting your skin and offer treatment options.

3. A new formula for your skin needs to be adopted; one that offer skin protection, conceals aging signs and brightens the dull skin giving it a young glow. Exfoliating and massaging the skin occasionally is also recommended to make sure that the blood and oxygen flow easily through the skin. This awakens the skin and gives it a healthy glow. Ensure you apply sunscreen or moisturizer all through whether outdoors or not.

Life in the 50’s and later

If you follow the guidelines in the 40’s, then you’ll have an easier time in the 50’s. You are now at the height of all wisdom and I would be lying if I asserted people don’t admire you in this stage. Take it as a privilege often denied to many. Some of the anti-aging regimens you should incorporate include:

1. Take better care of the hands. Chances are you happen to be giving all the attention to other parts except hands. There isn’t any other part that will shout your actual age more than the hands. The need to have them taken care of is thus immense. A moisturizer will be excellent in ensuring the hands are hydrated and they are soft. Other softening products may be used. Don’t forget to have your gloves on when dealing with harsh chemicals.

2. Exercise although it will not be as vigorous as you have been used to. At this age, you are a bit weak than you’ve ever been. It is not the time to start intense exercises such as weight lifting. Opt for exercises that are safe and easy such as walking, jogging and other cardio exercises.

3. Get in touch with your inner self. Mediation will help you with this and give you the peace and serenity of mind that you actually need. It keeps stress at bay which prevents premature aging. These are times you will notice that you enjoy life the most. Take some time and visit family, friends and relatives. You may have been busy all through your life but now you have some time in your hands that you can spare since retirement is beckoning. Utilize it wisely.


Aging is one of the realities of life that you have to get accustomed to as a woman, the earlier the better. It will not be as bad as you hear people say as long as you adopt the above anti-aging regimens. Mastering the art of aging gracefully is what they help you do. Above all, be happy. This is not the time to regret times spent in the past but rather to appreciate all the memories.

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